A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The MC is a happy go lucky girl who loves dogs. With the culture festival closing in, she has a chance to change her future but unfortunately, an accident occurs, will she be able to find love in the end?

Tumblr page: http://princess-s-pets.tumblr.com/

What the full game will have:
- The ability to choose the MC's name (How cool is that?)
- CG Gallery (Seperate Gallery entry for each character)
- Corner of memories (Special Event told from the POV of the guys and the girl_nvl style, unlocked after you've chose some certain options_yeah this one uses the flag function so you'd better save a lot). It'll be accessible via the Extra section on the main menu. It won't have any effect on your actual gameplay. These little stories will help you understand the feeling of that person at that moment better.
- Secret character route (Unlocked under certain circumstances, uses both the hidden metter and flag function and another mystery function)
- 10 endings (2 for each)

The current version that's available for download has:
- 25% of the full game
- 2 CG event for each character (1 for the secret character)
- Secret route (First meeting)
- 2 Corner of Memories events. 1 for Naoto and one for Sho.
- GUI and music for the full game.
- Illustrations for the endings.


-Art, story, program: Me a.k.a toki-aah

Music: Credit to syncopika from GreenbearMusic under Creative Common 4.0
- Sound effect: Soundjay

- Silly story
- Sucky background because I don't want to use filtered photograph and I fail hard at backgrounding (There're some out of the place placeholder backgrounds in the demo at the moment but I'll get to it later.

Thank you for reaching this far. It's my first visual novel ever though so feedback will be very appreciated :

Install instructions

Download and unzip file normally. The first one should be able to work on all Window, Mac and Linux. The second one works on linux and so on.


Princess'spetdemo-2.0-all.zip 70 MB
Princess'spetdemo-2.0-linux.tar.bz2 57 MB
Princess'spetdemo-2.0-mac.zip 55 MB
Princess'spetdemo-2.0-win.zip 56 MB


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I read the comment below, makes me :( that you said the backgrounds are sucky. They look beautiful, I love the watercolor style so much. Will put this in my collection of games to look forward to when completed. <3

Bruuu omg this VN is so cute! I love the GUI and although you said the backgrounds are "sucky" I personally think they are amazing and suits the game's theme and setting. Good luck on the development! I'll be looking forward to the release! (Also if you need an editor I would be happy to help (not saying that the grammar is bad but it might need a bit of improvement))

During quarantine I'm waiting for this..

I'm here still waiting for this game.. LOst cause now?


Don't worry. I'm still working on it lol


Do you have a set day?


Im still waiting like a dog wagging its tail LOL

Was this cancel too? If so how sad. I've been waiting for the full release!

No. Not canceled. Content is now 3 times bigger than the demo but still quite not done yet. I'm just lazy lol. I'm so sorry orz

Oh I see. I'm just anxious to play it! I love the demo!

WOW! I'm still anxiously waiting for the full release! When will it release??

Still waiting!  I hope it comes well!

OMGGG I'M still waiting for this!!!! AHHHHH

duuuuude me too!!!

Do you mind giving an update on the full version & Android version? 

Is there something wrong with the current version? I'm still working on the game.

I'm not sure about the current version. But I don't see a link to the android version so I haven't played yet 😅

Will it have android ver ? :(((

Yes! It will!

Very good demo. Sprites great as always. 

But, when the full version will be realised?

I can't say I have the exact date but I'm still working on it and the game is 80% done

omg! i soooo want to play this game! 

status update pls?

80% done. I'm busy irl so I can't promise anything about the exact release date. But I'm still working on it!

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i've played the demo almost over half a year ago and it's still fresh in my mind. can't wait for the full release!

Thanks for the comment! I'm still working hard on it and I'll definitely release it in this year.


omg i cant wait for full release!!


This was really cute~ <3

I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I expected. Really looking forward to the full game! ^_^

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i want to play the full version when it comes out!! when will it come out!! will it have a price or be free??

I'm glad to hear that! As of right now, the game is about 60% done but I can't say for sure when I can release it (maybe before summer). And of course it will be absolutely free to play! Hope you have a great day


omg this is such a great news!! thnks for replying!! i love the cute artsyle is so nice and fuzzy!! man i will be in touch cause once it comes out i will download it!! keep up the amazing work!!

Is this game still coming out? :3

Yes. It will definitely comes out!

will it be this YEAR???

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Unfortunately, it's unlikely that I'll be able to release the game this year. I'm sorry. But I'm still working hard on it :D