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A short, simple, and fun little game. Played through all 4 endings in just an hour or so. Would recommend for a fun little romantic adventure.

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Well my only regret was that the "secret ending" wasn't more elaborated. There is not enought polyamourous romance out there (I maybe played most VN as of late, only one made exception), but I must say it's already quite special to even mention its possibility even on a funny note ~


Us NomNomNami fans must stay together, loved your profile pic


Honestly, the only possible problem with this game is that you can't just marry both princesses. I'm only on the first day and I thought I was going to go for Tatiana, but now I'm not so sure!!

hello. u made a great game i got so much respect for you the story is so great and the charachters are the best ive ever seen in any anime,manga or game.

Im gonna play your other game fast.

so much love from holland🔥🔥🔥

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Hey. It's very great game. One of my favourites. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Amazing art style: Characters are the most detailed and well-made charackers I've seen in visual novel. The backgrounds look very nice too. And of course I like cute style of chibi pictures showing maid's activities :3   Music is good too.

I really like task-managing system. It''s really diversifies gameplay :)

All the characters looks great, have their own, different personalities and style 

And game is long enough and very replayable

And 1 more thing... Is there any ending allowing you to stay with both princesses? It'd great :) I've finished game few times and got all the endings (one with each of  princesses, bad one and special) except this.


Loved this game! The secret ending also made me laugh out of surprise, great job! <3

The game is really good so far (^▽^)♡ The artwork is awesome, and I've only seen a few typos here and there! But for some reason, even when I choose to rest, my stress level never goes down (?) Help?

Toki, is there no 1.0 to Win and MAc or 1.0 is for Android only?

1.0 is for Android only. But it's not any different from other versions, to be honest.

Hello! I'm really enjoying the game so far. The day to day management tasks for Epponnie have such cute little pictures!

I am noticing that there seem to be many grammar mistakes throughout the dialogue. If you'd like, I can fix them for you :) I've done it for a few other games as well from other developers. It really just gives the game a better flow and a nice polish.

Thank you very much. I'm glad that you're enjoying my game. Truth to be told, I'm not a native English speaker and I made this game in a rush so there should be many grammar mistakes, and I'm very sorry about that. If you could help with fixing them, it'd be super wonderful! I can send you the script if it makes the work easier. Again, thank you so much and I wish you'll have a great day!

No problem :) Happy to help! You can send the script to:

I'll happily fix it up a little and send it back ^^

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Hello! Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed my game It's very nice of you to offer help! But Bellannmae has already did everything so wonderfully! I'll update the game with a fixed version when I have the time. Thank you again so much!

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Hmmm Did you download the right one? What's your Operation system?

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This is very nice visual novel! Can I translate it into russian?

Thank you and yes, sure. Feeel free to. Don't forget to link back to my page when you're done.

A very cute game. The artwork style is something different and I very much like it.


But, the developers can be create another game? The developers are so good to create games ^^


Thank you very much for the feedback. I think I'll make another game when another yuri game jam is hosted next time :D


This game are so lovely. I am a boy, and I like anyways this game. Is so "funny". I can play this game forever, only this game forever. ^^

Lovely game! Impressed you managed to get all this done in such a short time! :)


Hello! Thank you so much for uploading this game! I had loads of fun playing it ^^ It was interesting and SFW as a yuri visual novel game. I got 3 out of 4 endings! For some reason, I can't get the bad ending though lol

I just uploaded the Tatiana's ending on my channel and I'll be uploading the other 2 endings I got as well. Thanks so much for an awesome game!

In case you'd like to see my reactions and my not-so-great voice acting ^^


Do you have any plans on making a yoai counterpart of this game?


Hahaha thanks for the suggestion. Sorry I don't think I can write yaoi. I have nothing against the genre but it's just a matter of preference

Alright, thank you for replying.


I know this is asking a bit much but do you think you could make some wallpapers using the character avatars? I personally quite like Tatiana and the artwork is quite good.

Looking good :)


Thank you~ Here is the imgur link to the wallpapers

Tatiana's is at the bottom

i extracted and everything, but when i click the .exe, it says it can't find the pathway

Hmm this is a bit hard, I don't know what cause the problem since no one has ever encountered this problem. What's your operating system? Are you sure you downloaded the right version?

windows 7, and yes, i made sure to get the windows version


Can you give people the option to donate? I'd love to!


Thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear you want to donate some. I don't plan on opening for donation anytime soon though. Just seeing people enjoying my games is enough~ Thank you again! I hope you'll have a pleasant day!


boobs, i like this game


Thank you! Everybody loves boobs

I got the bad end :(

This is great, but shouldn't Girl A have a name?


Thank you for playing Princesses's Maid. There are 4 endings in total did you get them all? The tip is focusing on improving only one stat on one playthrough. As for Girl A, well, she has a name but Epponnie doesn't remember it.


mm? the music is great but is it original? I ask cause I saw something about creative commons (i think) at the Credits.... Is there an album of sorts for this music?

yeah the music is creative common. You can go to the original composer website if you click the hyperlink in the credit.