A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

<UPDATE: Problem with Window and linux file has been fixed>

A fan game of Chinese danmei novel "Husky and his white cat shizun"


        One day, Mo Ran (1.0) found himself stuck in a dream.

How to play: 

      Use the arrow key or cursor to move the character around. The gameplay is pretty self explanatory


   + This game is quite NSFW (no nsfw sound though)

   + Maybe OOC

  + English isn't the game creator's native language and there's no beta tester so there maybe some grammar hick up or awkward wordings. 

 +THERE'S NO SPOILER for the story other than the appearance of Xia Si Di (Chu Wanning's child form) and Moran 2.0 himself. Heck, I think you can play this game without any knowledge of what the original novel is about.

+ THERE ARE TWO ENDINGS. Go look for the missing ending if you haven't got it lol

+Credit is in the README file. 

 Enjoy the game. Contact me if there's any problem. Check out other games in my itch.io gallery if you like my work.

As for mobile version, I'll make a browser ver when I feel like it.

I'll be ignoring any negative comments about how I made this game. Just have fun, guys....

Install instructions

Download the version compatible with your computer's OS,  extract, find the game.exe file and play.


SHIZUN_windown.rar 104 MB
shizun_linux.zip 154 MB
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